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Friends of Haptic & Hue

Sep 3, 2020

History is full of the sound of spindles, the clatter of mills and the reek of dye baths as the knowledge of how to make beautiful fabrics has been gathered around the world. This episode introduces Haptic and Hue’s first series of podcasts and starts to uncover some of the buried tales of textiles.

I provide a full transcript, pictures, links to the work of the contributors to these podcasts, and a list of resources that have inspired me on my website at:

If you would like to sign up for your own link to the podcasts as they are released, for extra information and a chance to access the free textile gifts that I’ll be offering for each podcast in this series then please fill out the very brief form here or find it on the Haptic and Hue Listen page above. 

If you are interested in a long read or two, or want to know why and how cloth speaks to us then you can find writing at  

You can follow Haptic and Hue on Instagram @hapticandhue on Facebook or Linked in under the Haptic and Hue name. You can see more of my work and that of other makers there or on the website. 

And if you’ve got a great idea for Series Two (coming in the New Year!) then drop me a line via the website. 

Have fun and enjoy your own making practice or just listening to the chatter of cloth!