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Haptic & Hue

Mar 4, 2021

Why does touch matter so much to us? What is the connection between cloth and our emotions? This new season of Haptic and Hue's Tales of Textiles explores how we express ourselves through cloth, whether it's the comfort quilts and blankets bring us, the way we use clothes to take the burden of losing someone we love, or why certain patterns and fabrics connect us strongly with memories of childhood, school or first love. 

Each episode takes a different feeling and unravels what it means to us in textiles. The series is narrated by Jo Andrews a handweaver and broadcaster. In this season we travel around the world, from Alabama to India, Tokyo to the London Underground and Ghana to North East Scotland thinking bout different traditions of making and using fabric.  

I provide a full transcript, pictures and links to the work of the contributors to these podcasts, as well as a list of books and articles that have inspired me on my website at:

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If you are interested in a long read or two, or want to know why and how cloth speaks to us then you can find articles at 

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